The common expenses you should know when to Oslo

Oslo is one of the oldest cities in Scandinavia – Norway and is an impressive place to stroll and to get the wonderful frame of the rural landscape, mountains, beaches and river life in the city.
In this article the free Cricket will introduce to you the beautiful scenery of the Lake Gardens and the common expenses you should know when to travel to Oslo to Oslo and know you refer to appears to be beautiful.

The typical fee you need to know
Cost of lodging: holiday house in Oslo have prices start from about 220-400 NOK per night with dormitory rooms. For own bedroom then you will have to take about 500 NOK per night with single beds and about 700-800 NOK for a night with double rooms. All bedrooms are provided with free wifi and breakfast free of charge. Oslo is a small city, so you won’t find the colleges here. If you come here in the summer (the peak occasions), then you are sure the reservation before. What if you bring a tent, there are many camping outside the city, you will only lose about 130 NOK per night. However, if you have European camping card will it cost to camp will be lessened.
Costs in hotels: hotels in Oslo have reviews from 800-1,200 NOK per night for a double room, the price for a single room will start approximately 600 NOK. If you want to in a room to go with local. The best choice for you is the latest front in the room rate for one night, Airbnb is calculated approximately 365 NOK, as prices for the whole of a House/apartment is usually 885 NOK.
Food and beverage costs: costs for dining in Oslo is not cheap, for fast food will have rates starting from 80 NOK, if you eat in a restaurant will cost about NOK 285. McDonald’s or Burger King here about 100 NOK. If you buy food on the cooking will take about 480 cost NOK for each week. To reduce the cost of spending then you should buy discount furniture in the grocery store and the supermarket and avoid eating more vegetables, whole chicken and other food imports here.

Travel expenses: in Oslo, if you buy a ticket in advance for the electric car will cost 32 NOK for adults, 50 NOK per adult for the bus ride, 90 NOK 240 for 24 hours and day NOK come in 7 days. If you get a tourist card goes back in Oslo, the costs will decrease. Buses and trains in Oslo to cities all over Scandinavia and Europe, and can cost pretty cheap when booked in advance. There are buses and trains run regularly from both Oslo airport (Gardermoen and Rygge). A one-way ticket to/from Rygge has 164 price NOK, and a one-way ticket to/from Gardermoen 92 price NOK.
Recommended daily budget: the cost on a budget was proposed in about 600 NOK/70 USD. The following is the budget for that directory is in the campus area, eat less, Cook for themselves and use the vehicles locally. However, this cost figure might increase further if you eat regularly, to stay in the luxurious House.
Tips to save you money when in Oslo
Ask yourself cooking for yourself: Food in Oslo is very expensive, so the best thing for you to reduce your costs is to cook the meal. Go shopping in the grocery store but attention should not buy more vegetables, peppers, and whole chicken because they are very expensive, you can buy minced chicken meat we will be cheaper. Should you buy a discount and buy food locally, avoiding the purchase of imported goods.
Eat cheap food: If you frequently eat dinner then choose optimal cheap cost for you that’s shawarma and pizza, the food was also just spend about 80 NOK.
Couchsurf: the best way to avoid the expensive dorm bedroom is not to stay there. Couchsurf (i.e. stay with local people for free) or rent a room from a local population through Airbnb so you can save money.
Camping: In Oslo have free public camping area, as long as you have your tent, you can camp in the Park and public area free of charge. There are many camping on the Islands in the Harbor offers cheap accommodation and can lower your costs. Be sure to get the European tour Camping Key if you plan to camp because it will give you the free camping area across Norway.
Get a travel card: sightseeing in Oslo can be very expensive. The best way that you can afford to travel to other locations is get a tourist card of the city so you can get in all the sights as well as free shipping. Tickets in Oslo over 24 hours is NOK 335, or you can pay 490 NOK for 48 hours or 72 hours in NOK 620.
Traffic tickets: When advance tickets, bus and train from Oslo can be purchased at a price equal to 50% of the ticket price when you buy the last tickets. If you know your itinerary, then you should buy the ticket in advance.

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