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Galway city is located on the West coast of Ireland. Tourism in Galway has lots of stuff to explore such as visiting the historic centre, the Cathedral, the old town on the River, walk to town, to the astonishing pub culture.
From here you can join the day trip to the Aran Islands, Cliffs of Moher, and the castle to the North. Galway-annual amount of island tourists to visit around the world. Below is the information that the BVM wanted to share with you about the typical costs should know when to Galway. Together learn to prepare for his trip is perfect for you!

Cost: the cost of accommodation for the hostel from 12-15 EUR/night and you can find private rooms with rates as low as 33 EUR, but most of the private rooms are reviews about 50 EUR or more. Here you will be provided with bed linen and free WiFi, some rooms include complimentary breakfast.
You can rent a bedroom in a 3 star hotel cheap price from 50 EUR/night. The rooms at this price have a private bathroom, free WiFi, and a number of hotels also include breakfast.
The cost of eating: food in Galway can vary greatly in price, depending on what you are looking for. The price from about 3 EUR, while a simple meal in a restaurant price from 9-14 EUR. A delicious meal with a drink will increase to 23.
Travel expenses: Galway is quite small and you can walk to visit, but if you want to take a bus around town, the ticket price of about 2.10 EUR. The weekly ticket is EUR 20.20. You can save money by Leap Visitor Card, at a cost of 10 EUR for 1 day of unlimited travel. Bicycles are available to rent and are a great way to get around town with price 14-18 EUR/day. Costs around 22-35 EUR to Cork from Galway by bus and takes about 3 hours. Costs around 35-55 EUR to Galway from Dublin by train and take about 3 hours.
Proposed budget: 40-45 EUR/$ 42-47 EUR (Note: this is the budget proposals for that you are in the dormitory, Cook her meals and use public transportation)
Buy tickets online: If you plan to go by rail to or away from Galway, consider buying tickets ahead of time to earn a promotion online as well to make sure there’s a seat waiting for you. If you are hoping to get discounts for students, you should buy at the ticket sales room at the station.
Drink less: culture of pubs in Ireland will affect your wallet, but it’s something you have to experience in Ireland.
Avoid the restaurant in the High Street: The luxurious restaurant serving gourmet cuisine but not in a friendly price. Eat in Eyre Square with good prices than to save costs.
Have ISIC card: If you have the cards ISIC, you can save 20-50% the ticket price at tourist attractions, including the Cliffs of Moher!
Accommodation: free accommodation free of charge will help you save a considerable sum. It also helps connect you with local people, who will give you not only a free place to stay and help you learn useful information about the places in it.
Things to know and do in Galway
Enjoy experiencing the Glenglowla Mines
If you want to have a good understanding about the life of a citizen of Galway in the 19th century, consider a visit to Glengowla Mines Experience. This museum was built on silver mining area and lead mines. Visitors can tour a tour, visiting Shepherd program. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and admission is 10 EUR.

Tour the Burren nature reserve
The nature reserve is located in Burren Hotel Kinvara, County Galway. This is a conservation center and includes both in-and outdoor playgrounds for children as well as museums. Admission is 5 EUR.
Go to church Galway: while many cathedrals of Europe from the middle ages or the Renaissance, this Cathedral in Galway extremely modern, built in the 1960s. Unique architecture and instead of the typical altar and stained glass Windows, you can find a mosaic picture of John f. Kennedy here.
Go to Pure Skill Galway: great rainy day activity is Pure Skill Galway, an indoor sports center. Here, you can try activities such as hurling, cricket, and rugby, baseball, or football. It is open daily from at least 12 hours to 5 p.m. depending on day of week and season. The price varies depending on the package you receive.

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