The costs you should know when traveling to Norway

Norway is a country in the Scandinavian Peninsula (Northern Europe), was the brother of Denmark, Sweden. Travel Norway, land of bays, lakes, lush meadows and the sun never hid the mountain during 20 days.
So it’s no wonder this country is called the land of the midnight sun. This is quite the ideal destination in summer, fresh air, fresh, cool climate consistent with active sports such as mountain climbing, walk around the Lake. When winter comes, you can participate in skiing or sightseeing iceberg. Norwegian travel So you know what, let’s take a Cricket Encyclopedia article know the costs you should know when traveling to Norway here.

Costs for accommodation: compared with other Western European countries, the cost of shelter in Norway is not cheap. You can rent dormitory bedroom of hotels with a price of about 200-500 NOK, but if you hire the hotel’s own room to stay, the price will be more expensive with about 750 NOK for 1 single rooms and 1,000 NOK for 1 double room. You will be free to use wifi and there will free breakfast for you.
If you are booking ahead at Airbnb, the costs for your room in about 400 NOK per night. If you own or rent the apartment to relax then you will pay at least 950 PHA NOK for a night in. In Norway there are many free public campground, as if you have a tent then you worry about the cost in the hotel room.
Food cost: If you eat food in the fast-food store then you will lose about 90 NOK, did you eat in the elegant restaurant, the costs will take about 285 NOK or more.
McDonald’s and Burger King are two well-known fast-food outlets, if you eat in the shop then you will cost about 125 NOK.
To save costs and enjoy light meals quickly with the Norwegian style, then you look to the convenience store, where you can eat a hot dog bread or hot sausage for about 30-50 NOK.
You can buy map about to Cook, but cooking for the cost of a meal is also quite expensive, to buy a discount here very difficult.

Cost of travel: trains around Norway have cost from 300-610 NOK between cities, depending on the distance and the time you purchase them. If you set the train ticket will be cheaper.
A variety of bus speed is connected to the cities across Norway, and several national parks. If you are lucky, you can get cheap tickets is 80 NOK, but often the bus speed is priced to go from 290-700 NOK, although there also at the car ticket prices up to more than 815 NOK. Buses are clean and modern with free WiFi, coffee and tea.
Costs for the active tourism: Norway is renowned as the land of the Gulf, so if you join the tour go to the Gulf for several days then you will take a fee of about 1,050 NOK, if only to go to the Gulf during the day then you just take 400-650 NOK. Camping in Norway is free if it is public land you can camp anywhere. The cost for the tickets to visit the Museum often is 80 NOK.
The proposed budget for a day: the budget proposal for a day about 600 NOK/70 USD. This is expected if the budget for that you are in the dorm, buying his own map of the cooking and the use of local transport. However, if you stay in motels, hotels and dine outside, then this cost will be higher.
Ask yourself cooking for yourself: food in Norway is very expensive, so you should buy the best map on and cooking for yourself, but you should ignore the buy more fresh vegetables and chicken, because they will be very expensive.
Eat cheap food: You can select the shwarma and pizza make her dinner for about 80 NOK, you will easy to find food in the stores.
Hotel booking: booking ahead and directly through the Airbnb, the price will be cheaper room.
Put a ticket in advance: If you had planned to go back before, you will save 50% of the cost for the train ticket or bus ticket. If you want to visit some beautiful places in Norway, the reservations will save you some money.
Drink less beverage: You will have to take about 60 NOK per drink. To save the cost of the exam you should drink less beverage.
Things to know and do in Norway
Visit the Fjords: this is a deep and narrow Bay, surrounded by high cliffs. When coming here you will see the beautiful Bay of your expectations. Currently, this fjord each year attracts more than a million people visit.
Bergem experience: this is the second largest city in Norway, out of the city centre and up Mount Floyen to have fantastic views out of this vast city. You will definitely be immersed which enjoy panoramic views of the city along the various walking routes the busiest crossing.

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