What you should know in Naples you should experience?

Naples has located in the central-southern Italy, is one of the most charming port city of a nation. The ancients used to have the sentence: “see Naples and die once Orange Crush” is to praise the beauty of this place.
Tourism in Naples has been the choice of many visitors in the European tour. Free Cricket together explore the common costs as to Naples for more information and prepare yourself for a fun trip and the cost savings to you!

The common expenses you should know when to Naples
The average accommodation: you will have to pay about child 15-17 EUR/night dormitory 4-6 and about 50 EUR for a private room. In Naples vacation home often include free Wi-Fi, a breakfast and bed linen.
A night in a cheap 2 star hotel about 35 EUR and include private bathroom, usually Wi-Fi, free breakfast and TV. On Airbnb, you can find the shared rooms start around 10 EUR/night while the whole apartment at 30 EUR per night.
The average food cost: You can eat very cheap in this town. The place, the place with pizzas, just under 10 EUR you can enjoy many kinds of pizza. If you want a more delicious meal, please take about 25 EUR for dinner with drinks. You can also save the cost yourself by hanging feeders, costs only about 60 EUR per week.
Moving expenses: transportation in Naples very developed however taxi price here again. Public transport in Naples owned by different companies, so it’s best to have a ticket to walk 1 day (4.50 EUR) works on all the routes. With a single bus trip price 1.50 EUR may go in 90 minutes.
Money saving tips when to Naples
Eating on the cheap: Taking pizza or sandwiches with just a few dollars to help manage your spending. Pizza is the best food in Naples that you won’t have to waste too much of the cost.
Free accommodation: accommodation is quite expensive in Italy, even in the dorms. So use the free accommodation by local people is a cost-effective solution, you will be issued with extra bed and couch for free.

Walk to visit: this is a great way to learn the history behind the place you come across and to avoid omitting any interesting stop.
Visit the Naples Archaeological Museum: one of the world’s largest collection includes Greek and Roman artifacts can be found here. You will find a lot of art from the city as well as nearby Pompeii. There are glass, mosaic paintings, sculptures, and even the embryos of the contest can be found at Pompeii. Tickets are 8 EUR, and is open daily (except Tuesday) from 9 am to 7.30 pm.
Please see the Duomo: Duomo is a 13th century Gothic church dedicated to the patron saint of the city. Every year, a large Festival is held when a vial of his blood was taken out of its home in the hope that it will loose. It’s the event, but the Church is still very nice even if you don’t happen to the Festival.
Shopping in Piazza del Mercato: This Place has the best market in the city and a great place to shop really.
Watch a program at the Teatro San Carlo: Was opened in 1737, this is the oldest opera house in the world. The inside is ornate and color of the painting. You can feel the elegance that the old nobleman requests from opera.
Attend Outdoor Film Festival: annual outdoor film festival is held in the summer with a large scale and the film was shown on one of the largest projection screens in Italy. A ticket is EUR 3.50.
Visit the Villa Floridiana: built from the gift of the King Ferdinand I for his second wife, this lush area is home to the beautifully decorated garden and antique furniture. The real treasure here is the National Ceramics Museum. With more than 6,000 pieces in this collection, you’ll find everything from Japan’s Edo ceramics to the kind of European pieces.
Visit the gorge at Naples: visiting Pompeii (and pizza), this is the favorite activity of many tourists in Naples. Located in the city centre, you can visit some monuments of the city, where you can see the ancient reservoir, and learn about the city were built and changed for thousands of years. Prices start from 80 EUR.

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