Money saving tips when traveling to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the country the Netherlands is nature’s favor, owner of the beauty of pure and fresh.
It not only owns the spellbinding beautiful flower garden, blooming from late March but also very romantic, dreaming with the system of canals, Green Park. That’s why Amsterdam is dubbed the Venice of the North.

Come and feel the Netherlands his own way! Below is the information about the share of common costs you should know when to Amsterdam that Travel New wants to send to you the reader. Together learn to prepare for her trip to Amsterdam is perfect for you!
The common expenses you should know when to Amsterdam
Accommodation: You can stay in the room in the student 10 bedrooms with low price 12-14 EUR. The private room price from 70-90 EUR. Accommodation is usually provided free WiFi, breakfast and bed linen free of charge.
Room rates start at around 60 EUR/night for a double room in hotel two stars, but can start at levels nearly double in high season. At this price the hotel offers basic amenities, such as a private bathroom and free WiFi. As to the higher price of the city center.
The cost of meals: there are many fast food restaurants that cheap in Amsterdam. This meal will cost about EUR 5-15. Restaurant eat an average of 20-25 EUR for a main dish with a drink. If you cook the meal, you will have to take about 55 EUR per week for groceries include pasta, vegetables, chicken meat and other basic foods.
Travel expenses: Amsterdam has a great public transportation system. If you get the Amsterdam card, all means of public transport are free. A tram or bus will cost 2.90 EUR for a one-hour ticket. Tourists like to use public transport in just a day or two can find tickets are affordable and easy to choose for in 24 hours, 48, 72 or 96 hours. Prices range from 7.50 to 21 EUR. These tickets are available from the driver and the ticket sales (tickets only available 24 hours), the GVB, the tourist office and kiosk. You can rent a bike about 10-20 EUR a day to explore the city.
Proposed budget: 55-60 EUR/56-62 USD (Note: this is the budget proposals for that you are in the dorms, cooking most of her meal and use public transport.

Free walking tours: If you want to have a look at the overview of the city, join one of the free walking tour. In this way, you will learn about the city without paying money. The biggest trip offered by the New Europe Tours.
Take a sightseeing ticket Amsterdam Nightlife: this ticket is valid for the 7 day and 10 euros. It gives you unlimited access to eight clubs, drinks to welcome in the year of the Club, access to the Dutch casinos, discount your Uber cars and many other things. If you plan to party in Amsterdam, ticket shops on this night will certainly cut costs partying in the city.
Rent your own boat: instead of going sailing on the sea, you can rent your own boat. If you have three or four people. This will help you save 6 EUR and you can bring food, alcohol, or smoking it.
Cheap eats: Febo, walk to the Wok, Maoz is all the cheap place to get food. Moreover, the café in the city for many special lunch prix-fixe price of about EUR 10-15.
Rent a bike: a bike is part of Dutch culture and most people use them to get around to explore the city. You can rent a bike from about 10-20 EUR for the whole day. The city of Holland is also very small and easy to move by bike.
Use free accommodation: this is a service that allows travelers to stay with local residents free of charge. Because so many visitors to use this service, please contact your landlord as soon as possible.
Things to know and do in Amsterdam
Enjoy art in the Van Gogh Museum: this museum is where you can see hundreds of Van Gogh paintings, including the famous sunflowers, as well as paintings of the painter. Note: reserve tickets or go in the afternoon to avoid the huge line. The Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and lasted into the sixth day. Admission is EUR 17.
Learn about Jewish history: located near the Waterlooplein, the Jewish History Museum has an excellent section on World War 2, Holocaust and the Dutch way of dealing with the consequences after the war. This is a small part of a large Museum is dedicated to the Jews in the city but it’s worth the visit. Admission is 15 EUR and is open daily from 11 hours
Explore Oost: area east of the city has a great Park, Zoo and many good Muslim restaurants. Take a look around here, you will be hard to find sometimes feeling comfortable and pleasant.

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