Money saving tips when traveling to Venice

Travel Venice-great destination for visitors this summer. Peaceful and romantic cities of Europe ranks will fascinated, intrigued right from the first sight with the beautiful island, the gentle Canal, the old bridge, peace…
The statues of the Renaissance style, the architecture and the ancient houses, the mystery in shadow on the Canal in Venice … the share of common costs when to travel the calendar of the following will help Travel New Venetian traveler to enjoy all the wonderful things in Venice a most perfect way.
The common expenses you should know when to Venice
Accommodation: dormitories here will cost about 10-15 EUR/night. If you want to stay in the city will have to spend 30-50 EUR/night. The private rooms sleeping two people starting price around 70 EUR. Reviews often include free Wi-Fi and bed linen.

Meanwhile, the hotel reviews can be found with the lowest level is 65 EUR/night, you will have to pay double or more if you plan to stay in the heart. On Airbnb, you can find shared rooms with rates about 20 EUR/night or you can rent the House with price from 45 EUR upwards.
The cost of the average dining: Eat in Venice is really expensive. Lunch instead of dinner better because lunch menus usually below 20 EUR. If you go out to dinner, the price will from 35-55 EUR for a meal with a drink. Add 3 EUR for “coperto” (sit down) including service and bread at the table. There are a few places to get cheap snacks (pizza, sandwiches) but much less good will, a lot of money for food.
Travel expenses: Venice is a city of pedestrians. You can use the water taxi or bus to go back and explore the city. You can cross the channel by using the bridge, or use the “traghetto” (a sailboat) with price 2 EUR. If you need to remote places or your feet need a break, “vaporetto” or bus cost 7.50 EUR one-way, a one-hour trip. A one-day ticket is 20 EUR and card 7 day pass is 60 EUR.
Proposed budget: 40-80 EUR/$ 51-91 USD (Note: this is the budget proposals for that you are staying in motels, cheap dinner, Cook a few meals and use local transport)
Should not eat in Piazza San Marco: this is the area that many tourists, thus making it more expensive. Avoid eating in this region to save costs.
Selected packages: small markets are thriving around the city, so let’s fill some fresh veggies, fruit, cheese and wine, and enjoy a delicious meal with a fraction of the cost to a picnic.
Walking: Venice so beautiful that you could take the time to wander through the city to see the old building and visiting many churches.
Off the bus: If you stay in a longer period of time, consider buying a discount card for the bus, or vaperatto services. You can save 25% in the last 7 days by going through
Drinking: water requirement air otherwise you will automatically receive the expensive bottled water there is in the Bill. Moreover, you can reload the bottle of water at any faucet for drinking water in the city.

Accommodation: free accommodation in Venice is very expensive. Try to use the property in your free local people to save costs.
The experience should try once to Venice
Visit Piazza San Marco: this is the most famous square in Venice. It’s crowded, many pigeons, this is a mighty place agree Wi Venice.
Visiting the Palace of Doge: A series of 120 doges of Venice, and the rule of three floors of their incredible before the Renaissance facade and beautiful dome. marble pink and white. The Palace is located on St. Mark’s square. Inside the Palace is notable and full of works of art. The trip takes you across the bridge of Sighs to the cells in a nearby prison, one of which is where the famous Cassanova retention. Admission is EUR 19 (and includes entrance to the Museo Correr). It is open daily from 8:30 to 17 h.
Join a trip by Gondola: many can say the boat Park Venice is a tourist trap, but there are many other interesting things in it! A gondola trip can be very romantic if done around sunset. However the cost is slightly higher, a typical trip cost 90 EUR in August and also up to 140 EUR at night.
Explore the Lido: If you want to escape the city, the Lido is an island between Venice and the sea there is the beach where you can relax.
Market: Venice has the big market, where you can purchase some delicious food at a lower cost than the restaurant. The fish market morning is the favorite of many visitors. Come early to view the restaurant owners choose fish. There is also a market of organic products on Monday.
Exploring the Peggy Guggenheim Collection: this is a massive art collection, pioneers, including more than 200 artists.

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