The necessary expenses you should know when traveling UK

A reference to the popular tourist destination in Europe, cannot be ignored. Especially the capital London. The place that attracts thousands of tourists every day.

Smaller cities, such as Bath and Oxford, are appealing to many cultures and fewer people. Liverpool, birthplace of The Beatles, boasts a rich musical history. Join the Travel New to visit Britain, with the share of the costs of necessary you should know when traveling to the UK here.

The accommodation with the dormitory in the city with the price from 15-40 table/night. There are facilities such as free Internet, breakfast, common rooms, TV and laundry facilities. The private rooms are reviews from 50 GBP upwards. Some budget hotels are full of facilities cost about 60 GBP per night for a twin room. Apartment rental prices about 30-40 pounds per night for a room, while the whole flat/House has a starting price of about 70 pounds per night.
You can find the cheap food in the UK as fish, potatoes, or kebab. Indian and Asian food can be bought for 6 GBP for lunch. For a meal at a restaurant cost about 25 GBP for a single key. You can buy the foods such as fruit, vegetables, chicken, pasta, sandwich at the grocery store and cooking for her estimated will take about 45 GBP per week . The best place to buy cheap food is Lidl, Aldi, and Sainsbury’s.

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In the UK, the national railway service was always expensive. A trip from London to Liverpool could take about 25 GBP or 150 GBP in peak hours (mid August)! You can save by booking tickets in advance a week and avoid the rush hour. However, the cheapest way to travel around the country is through Megabus, where ticket prices start about 1 pound. You need to set at least one, but even if you miss out on that agreement, the fare is actually more than 10-15 GBP. If you rent a car itself cost about 125 table each week.
Tips to save money
Free: Museum You can visit public museums support free tickets in every city throughout the UK and the United Kingdom. It’s a great way to learn about the most influential artist of the country, immersed in the history of the country and wasting a rainy day without paying a penny.
Get the discount cards of United Kingdom: United Kingdom discount card offers up to 50% and is used a maximum of 2 cards for one transaction at some restaurant of choice. You do not need to be residents of the United Kingdom to take the card, and the membership fee may be waived, this is perfect for most visitors.
The food at: eating in the UK can be quite expensive, but for the cheap and nutritious meal, visit the local pubs. Most of the dishes served, and you can get a good meal for less than 10 GBP. In addition, the pub is a great way to meet people!
Free walking tours: most large cities in the UK are offering free walking tours. Every headlining tours usually lasting a few hours and is a great way for you to tour the city.
Visit the Church: the Church of England More freedom on. This is a great opportunity to see some of his architecture from the 15th century to the 19th century.
Visit Buckingham: Buckingham-the home of the Queen of England, is a fascinating spectacle and, at 11:30, the changing of the guards happens here. If you want to check tickets, Palace is about 37 GBP, and discounts for seniors, students, groups and families.

Visit the Tower of London: Here you can see the jewel of England, who defend the typical beef and where the most famous British prisoners were held.
Attend the Festival: Britain is famous for the Festival, especially in summer. Be sure to join the famous Glastonbury Festival. There are also many large summer festivals in the UK
Brighton: this is a great little town for a weekend trip. There are many shops, restaurants, cafes. The narrow streets, creating an intimate atmosphere when you walk around the lane. This city is famous and is a popular destination during the summer for local people come here to relax on the beach, enjoy the Sun in the summer and walk on the pier where the fun trips and buy some souvenirs at the Festival stalls.
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