The necessary expenses when travel France

Beautiful French country was dubbed the most romantic, France is a country rich in culture and history, this is a country where most of the visitors all want to set foot in a time when the European tour.
With beautiful natural landscape, the same large Lavender scene along a superlative culinary culture to the world, France is really a place that’s hard for non-sexual tourism. You can go to France under tour or can travel. In particular, you need to know the cost when traveling to France? Let’s refer in this article!

The ticket price goes to France
A note about the cost that you must need to think of first when travel is air fare. Typically, each airline has different prices, depending on the time of travel. You should consult in advance the fare before going about 1-2, to be able to hunt for cheap fares.
Cost of travel in France
Means of transport in Paris as well as many famous tourist cities of France mostly bike, public transportation such as bus or subway. If you like touring France by bus then you only have to pay only 27 Euro/day, but you also hear the history of the tourist places, tourist information useful when sitting on the bus. If you want to discover France freely and have many memorable experiences for then you should select bicycles, electric cars make vehicles.
Dining costs
France is a cradle of the world’s food so the food in France is also quite expensive. However, there are French bread dish is delicious just cheap with only about € 3-4, which includes sausage.
Cost saving tips
To reduce costs, savings that you can buy in the supermarket food: Pasta, Piazza brought to the hotel to Cook, that is one method that the cost savings are very good that you can still change the taste. You can use the water in the hose without the need to purchase bottled water at supermarkets because water sources in this very clean and hygienic.
If you want to enjoy the tasty dishes in the restaurant which can still save costs then you should choose to eat at the restaurant in the afternoon to be reduced 1/3 money compared to eating in the evening.
If travel arrangements at the point near then you should use the bus, go beyond the cruise, just one cheap and reasonable time then select.
The cost of necessary you should know when to France
To save cost more, you should visit the free destinations in France such as:
+ Free outdoor cinema in Villette
+ Free visit Père-Lachaise
+ Free sea Bath in Paris
+ View concerts before the Eiffel Tower
+ Visit the “wall of love”
+ Visit Notre Dame Paris
+ The road Paris, the Promenade Plantée
You should buy souvenirs, accessories, artwork, … at the Marché aux puces de la porte de Montreuil or Vanves. This is a way to help you save costs when shopping travel France, because the goods in that very cheap, much like market of your country.
France is one fun destination not to be missed if you are planning to travel to Europe. This place is famous for beer, chocolate and chips. Together the beauty of the culture, history is also kept back from the first world war. So to Belgium you need to prepare standard and necessary expenses you should know when to Belgium include what. Please view the share below of TravelNew Housing: To the cost savings you can sleep in the dormitory with about 20 EUR for 6 beds. If in private rooms have self-contained bathrooms inside the 52 EUR/night. In this country, most hostels have breakfast, usually just the meat, cheese, boiled eggs, fruit juice and bread. Cheap hotels cost about 50 EUR/night for a single room with basic facilities and WiFi.

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