What needs to be a preparation trip to Denmark perfect

Denmark is one of the places worth to live in Europe. With beautiful landscaping clean, cool and friendly to the environment. It is a pity if you never once set foot in Denmark. Let Travel New willhelps you take a trip Denmark choose persons with the necessary costs you should know when to Denmark below.

The cost of necessary when coming to Denmark
If you stay at the hostel will cost about 200 DKK per night. A number of smaller rooms but there are at least more beds cost around 240 DKK. The cost of hotels in Denmark also quite high, in the large city of around 450 DKK.
Denmark is famous have the expensive costs. So you will not be surprised to pay 75-115 DKK for a cheap meal in the lunch hour. Dinner will be near 135-205 DKK, for groceries, you will have to spend about 320 DKK per week. NATO and Lido are grocery store with fresh food has just the right price, you can come here and buy food and about himself in order to save costs.
Go back to Denmark
you also have a lot of options to move yourself. Public transport here is also very developed. You can cruise all over Denmark with 550 DKK. If the bus ride takes approximately 308 DKK. Local trains and buses is 24 for a ticket. DKK Note that if you had planned to go, you should put the ticket in advance to save costs. Because if you order tickets or buy tickets for day by day the cost will be higher.
Tips to save money

Tickets Go Orange
Here is the Danish rail system providing cheap tickets through an online site called “Orange tickets”. They only have on the network, and you must print out the ticket before boarding the train. These tickets could save you this in large part the cost if purchased directly at the station.
Advance train tickets and bus tickets
Definitely before traveling to plan for their own. Thus, you should set the remote bus tickets and train tickets in advance for about a month, will save 50% of the ticket price.
Compared to other countries in Europe. Eating in Denmark are not cheap. To the cost savings you can buy food at the store and cook for themselves. The grocery store cost about 240 DKK per week, cheaper than a few meals combined. If you must dine, please do so during lunch hour when special dishes and buffet dishes make the restaurant at a reasonable price.
Eating on the street
The Street stalls, such as sausages and bread cost 27-35 DKK and can save you a lot of money if you don’t Cook. In fact, they are your best choice to save money for food outside the kebab and pizza.
Get tourist city card
If you plan on visiting the many sights and attractions are many different attractions, then you should ask the tourist city card for free admission in certain museums and attractions.
Stay with a local
If you really want to save a lot of money for and not remember where asleep, free accommodation is the only way to save big. The accommodation is super expensive in Denmark. You may send requests with the Embassy to stay in a private house.
It is known as the ancient cities of Denmark, Roskilde is the capital of Denmark from 960 to 1536. This is a great city to see the history of the country, whether in the churches, the tiled buildings or museums that affect Viking. This small city near Copenhagen is easy to reach. The most famous of Roskilde’s Cathedral in the country. It also hosted the largest music festival in June every year.
Explore Aarhus
It is the second largest city of Denmark is known for its culture and art. In addition to the many museums and galleries is the unique parks, such as Legoland and Tivoli Friheden. The site of the Festival of Aarhus late August to international entertainment. Also, this is a great university town and has an active nightlife and cheap restaurants.
Visit the Kronborg Castle
This castle is where Shakespeare set foot. Located along the coast in Helsingør, the castle was recognized as a world heritage site UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. This is a great place to wander and explore, and only an hour from Copenhagen. With the price of the ticket is 90 DKK.

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