Tips make and save money when traveling to Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places on Earth with the mysterious beauty, where the coastline, the picturesque mountains of the green fields on which you want to run through the endless, tasty chocolate, beer, and friendly people.
The same system of medieval town bustle. The country has a priceless beauty but it is also a country that has the most expensive in Europe.

The Motel of the dormitory on average 30 CHF per night, but in some major cities the cost of on-campus high 50 CHF. The separate living room range from 80-120 CHF per night for double rooms. Most of the rooms offer free bed linens, WiFi, and some rooms have breakfast.
The hotel has the most expensive cost in Switzerland
You should spend about 90-120 CHF per night for a basic room. For more extensive and beautiful hotel cost 150-200 per night.
Although eating out is very expensive (as a comparison: Starbucks coffee 8 CHF while McDonald’s is 15 CHF) but you can save by going to the local supermarket and buy in the grocery store of your own. You will spend about 130 CHF per week for some basic foods like pasta, sandwich, sauce, rice, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Supermarkets also sell prepared dishes from 5-9 CHF.
The bar and Cafe is the cheapest options, cost approximately CHF 9-15 for a special lunch. The restaurant with catering service desk is about 20 € for lunch and 40 CHF for dinner (starter, main, and drinking) to start (the price goes up from there and I see some Italian restaurant ask 35 CHF for every main course is expensive pasta!). In a pizza restaurant about 20 CHF
If you are eating out, you will spend an average CHF 45 per day for food. Also for those who want to spend cooking for every meal for about 20 CHF per day.
Travel expenses
Vehicles in this country quite convenient local bus around the city and the price from 2.50-5 CHF, depending on the time period and the number of regions you travel. Uber has in Basel, Geneva and Zurich.
Intercity electric vehicles take more money than the cost of travel. For example, Bern to Geneva (a two-hour boat trip) cost 50 CHF! Any place would choose second class ticket between the cities then have 28-50 price CHF.
Most of the museums are all cost 10 CHF to on (if you are a student, you will save CHF 2-4). You should join the free city tours save costs and you will discover a lot of interesting things in this country.
Save money when traveling to Switzerland
Starting in about 70 CHF and parachute skiing reviews about 160 CHF and added a little more in the winter The ski ticket and skis can cost from 27-75 CHF per day (depending on the mountain) and 6 days gone 4-5 times the price of the card, so if you stay for a long time please buy cards daily.
Recommended daily budget
N the budget proposals for that you are in the dorm, eat a little, most cooking his meal and use local transport 70-100 68/97 USD/CHF range. You can reduce the level of proposed lower down the price if you stay at home or go eat more often then the cost much higher.
Using Couchsurfing: this is a service that allows travelers to stay with local residents free of charge. A help to reduce cost levels down you should ask the landlord soon to can use this service.
Cooking: With the sit down restaurant cost about 40 CHF per person per meal, eaten in Switzerland can be very expensive, so try to buy groceries and then about cook you will save a lot of costs.

A weekly meal (bread, pasta, rice, eggs, vegetables, cheese, meat deli for sandwiches, and some fruits) will make you spend 75-100 CHF. The major supermarkets are Migros, COOP, and Spar. COOP is more expensive than other small supermarket.
Latest train ticket soon: during the train ride is a cheaper way to travel than the plane, you can get even cheaper prices by ordering train tickets early. Swiss rail also has trips in a day and last week.
Bring along a water bottle can be reused: in 2-4 a bottle, it’s a CHF large sums for water after a few days. Water in Basel safely use to drink, so reload your bottle before you go out to save money to buy water.
Going Vegan: in Switzerland, the cost of buying meat weight approx. 12-14 CHF meat is very expensive and costly. To save you should avoid buying meat for your meal (especially beef) instead you buy more vegetables.

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