Tips to save money when Milan, reasonable spending

One is the time capital of the world, Milan offers visitors a myriad of luxurious shopping society has. Visit the Brera art neighborhood to watch the ferries and Via Monte Napoleon to explore the exclusive shops, expensive.
The mosaic and glass dome of the enchanting Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II makes shoppers feel like they are wandering in a painting. Tourism in Milan and the costs would be popular?

The common expenses you should know when to Milan
House prices: You will have to pay about 30-35 EUR a night for dorm rooms from 4-6 and about 70-80 EUR for a private room can sleep two people. The price usually includes Wi-Fi, and free WiFi. HI hostel outside the city centre is the best place to stay in the city.
A night in a cheap 2 star hotel about 44 EUR (expected to pay double that in high season). On Airbnb, you can find shared rooms start about 12 EUR/night and the entire base price about 30 EUR/night.
The cost of meals: Milan is known for delicious dishes such as fresh pasta, bread, tomatoes, pizza, gelato and wine. It’s easy to have a great meal in any place. The meals usually cost under 25 EUR per day if you save. Lunch in the city will start about 15 EUR, with dinner at the restaurant price from 25-40 EUR. Usually pay around EUR 75 for dinner in a classy place. Fast food such as pizza by the slice, paninis, and snacks will be price from 4-7 EUR.
Shipping costs: Milan has a public transportation system is quite good. Buses, trams and Metro. A single trip cost 1.50 EUR, a day ticket is 4.50 EUR, and a book of 10 tickets is 14 EUR. Taxi can be expensive, costing an average of 20 EUR to go around town. Radiobus fare about 3 EUR and runs from Milan to the neighboring town.
Proposed budget: 55-75 EUR/$ 66-86 USD (Note: this is the proposed budget assumes you are in the dormitory, Cook and use local transport)
Do not eat in the Station Station: The restaurant around here are the tourist traps and with high prices. Walk about half a mile outside this area for authentic food and less expensive.
Don’t take a taxi: Taxis here are generally expensive, and the price higher again into the night. So try to find the other vehicles to save costs.
Radiobus: go to 2 hours to with a maximum price of EUR 3 tickets, is a good option to go back.
Cheap shopping: If you do not want to miss the fashion experience, go to the Brera to buy some cheap store but fashion.
Skip the bread: some restaurants will charge more for bread or toast on the table but not for you to know about it until the check arrives, and you have polished it off. Drink tap water-water in Italy safe to drink should avoid expensive water bottles and refilled from the tap! You are the wallets and the environment will thank you.
Walking tour: this is a great way to learn the history behind the places you pass through. Milan Free Tour has a tour that lasted 3.5 hours can give you the beauty that the city brings.
Things to know and do in Milan
Visit the Duomo Cathedral: Gothic church, stretching across the Piazza del Duomo. With more than 3,500 statues, 135 spires and 5 bronze doors, no surprise to see that it takes 500 years to complete it. Take the elevator up to the highest position to have fantastic views out over the city. Logo of the city of Madoninna is also located on top of the roof. Go stairs with costs 11 EUR and taking charge of the elevator 15EUR. Open daily from 9 am to 7 pm.
Explore the Sforzesco Castle: built by Francesco Sforza, the castle is now the 12-building mini-musuems and a giant repository of artifacts. The collection includes everything from the period of the Renaissance, Michelangelo’s last work is not yet complete and the Civiche Raccolte d’Arte Antica (galleries and sculpture), to the Musuems of Musical Instruments and Antique Art. Admission fee 5 EUR and is open daily (except Tuesday) from 9 am to 7:30 pm with the opening hours on Thursday.
Watching football: If you are a football fan, then treat yourself to a match at San Siro Stadium. Milan is home to two of the best teams in the world-AC Milan and Inter.

Tour the canals: visitors will be surprised to know that there are canals in Milan. Based in the Navigli district, they are very charming and enjoy during the summer months when you can join and see the paradise of the glamorous artist. This is a great neighborhood and quiet resting place of tourists.

Visit the Pinacoteca di Brera: though not a match with the Castle Sforzesco, but it sure makes a surprise with some of the best art works of Raphael, Mantegna and Rembrandt.

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