Tips to save you money when traveling to Portugal

Travel Portugal gives visitors the opportunity to explore the beautiful places of famous European Royal, it hums with fresh bright green space will be a precious gift for the visitors after days worked hard learning.

To Portugal in addition you contemplate these ancient buildings are worth tremendous history culture you also have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious food, fascinating and SIP the cup of wine is famous for around the world. So traveling to Portugal will take the expenses?
Below the Travel New will share to you the article common expenses you should know when to Portugal, let along the track to have a trip Rome erupted, most sense when coming to this beautiful country.
Have to travel is you will lose then expenses, here are some typical fees you should know before coming to Portugal.
The cost of the accommodation
You will find the accommodation in there very affordable pricing in this beautiful country. If you stay in the dormitory accommodation costs will not have to worry anymore. You can stay in the dormitory with the price 10 EUR/night, or in a private room of the dormitory, you only lose about 40 EUR. If you are renting hotel rooms to stay then it will take about 35 EUR for 1 double room 2 star hotels cheap. You can also rent rooms in the Inn’s household to save costs.
If you prefer to stay in hotels that want to cost less expensive than you can book hotel rooms through Airbnb, you will only lose about 16 EUR/night.
The cost of food
You can find the snacks in the salons of bread with about 2 EUR, a light meal have more bread will take approximately 7 EUR, the fast food also have similar rates. If you want to sit to eat a meal more drinks then you will have to put off spending about 18 – 20 EUR for each meal.
Sometimes during the week the shop will be on promotion of food and beverage discounts, if you are lucky to go eat on those days then a meal there drinks you will only have to spend about 13 EUR only.
If you want to cook the food yourself, you should notice the grocery store has the day off a week to eat enough food that you just lost about 30 -35 EUR only.
Travel expenses
A ticket to the city’s subway will cost starting is 1.50 EUR. Travel by tram or bus is also not too expensive. There are bus routes go inland to the city, you can travel from Porto to Lisbon with the bus fare is only about 20-40 EUR. There are bus routes go across the country from Lisbon to Lagos where you only take a fee range 20-42 EUR.
To go to Spain you can take a bus or a train to the city of Madrid with costs approximately EUR 50. Traveling by taxi in the city in Portugal that you also take only costs 12 EUR.
Traveling by bicycle in this country are also quite popular, if you want to stroll around the city by bike, you will lose the bicycle rental costs with about 14 EUR/day.
The cost for the operation
To Portugal you should participate in the sightseeing tour all day at a cost of about 50 EUR, if you want to visit private museums that do not participate in the tour, you will take account of costs for the admission of a museum about 6-11 EUR.
The cost of the proposed budget
The proposed fee for a day is about 35-45 EUR/36-47 EUR, this is about the cost of a day when that you stay in the dorms, dining at restaurants and markets are cheap, Cook some meals and travel by local transportation. If you stay in the motels, hotels and dine in the restaurant, then this budget will be higher.
To Portugal by sheets of cheap air tickets, you will see the price of everything in this country are very affordable. Food, accommodation, drinks … all very cheap if compared to other European countries. As long as you do not drink or eat at the restaurant expensive travel, you will feel save large expenses and still meet the needs of the self.
Visit the Museum for free
Almost all museums admission free visiting on Sunday. You should visit this museum on the weekend to save little in cost when here.
No taxi ride
Taxi ride is fairly expensive media in Portugal, to save costs, you should go back by bus or metro.
Say no to bread
When you go to eat at the restaurant, serving the bread will take up the table before your meal. You should not eat it because it is not free.
In the rooms of the family
The rooms of the family for hire with a relatively small expenses, you can stay here to save yourself a fairly large expenses on housing issues.
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