Tips to save money when traveling Roma

Rome is a city where you can’t miss when traveling to Europe. Along the Travel New learn the common costs when arriving here to get more information, prepare yourself for the Rome trip goes well!
The common expenses you should know when to Roma
Accommodation: most dorm room with 6-8 bad reviews about RON 50-60 every night, with private rooms 2 bedrooms reviews about RON 130-150. A room in a two bedroom budget hotel will cost about 100-125 RON per night. Entire House prices start about RON 95-135.

Food: the food was very rich, Ruma contains potatoes, meat, cabbage, and other special spices. Roma also had coffee and delicious pastries. Great food and most of the small meal counts about 20 RON. In major tourist cities like Brasov or Sighisoara, the meal with a drink at the restaurant can be expensive and cost about 100 RON. The soup is a good option to save money because it cost about 6-10 RON and quite rich in Roma. If you cook the meals, you will pay about 180 RIO per week for groceries include pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods. Save money by shopping at discount supermarkets such as Profi, Lidl and Penny Market.
Traffic: the city’s buses and trains cost about 4 RON for a travel ticket. Trains in Rome is a safe choice for you. Extensive network coverage across the country. There are 3 types: InterCity (IC), the InterRegional (IR), and Regional (R). Trains are priced according to distance.
Activities: a lot of the best works of Romania is free. There are so many mountain fortresses and churches. Besides, most of the museums and attractions has admission price from 20-40 RON.
Proposed budget: 130-175 RON/$ 30-40 USD (Note: this is the budget proposals for that you are in the dorms, cooking most of her meal and use local transport)
Accommodation free of charge: nothing is more wonderful than being in bed and breakfast free of charge. It does add cost-saving but also connects you with local people, who will give you not only a free place to stay, but also guide you to all the great places to visit.

Lunch: Although real wages in Ruma is generally inexpensive, you can save a lot of money by cooking for yourself. Lunch menus usually consists of three dishes in Ruma (soup, main dish, dessert) and can cost at least 20-30 RON.
Shopping at discount grocery stores: If you prepare to cook or even just eat a light meal, save money by shopping at discount supermarkets such as Profi, Lidl and Penny Market.
Things to know and do in Ruma
Stroll through the Botanic Alexandru Borza: situated in Cluj Napoca, here is the huge vegetable garden with green hills, observation tower, rose garden, and even a Japanese garden. Entrance fee 10 RON and open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the summer and 9 hours to up to 6 pm in the winter.
Immerse yourself in the culture of Maramures: the region of the Middle Ages in Romania is one of the Favorites of many visitors. Culture farmers are still growing, and there is a delightful combination of traditional music, the hand-made wooden structure, and colour textiles to experience. It’s like stepping back in time.
Walking on the mountain Tampa: higher Brasov, here is a mountain has many interesting historical story. It’s easy to jump on a cable car and gaze from above, as well as explore the fortress defense. Many people love hiking here and visit the seal Brasov.
Visit the Roman Church in Romania: Is one of the most religious countries in Europe, there is nothing surprising as there are many churches, and monasteries all over the place. This particular Church in Bucharest still had all the paintings and original furniture icon, next to some beautiful wall paintings.
Explore Brasov: this is the favorite place of many tourists when to Roma, this historic city is the launch pad for the trip to “Dracula’s Castle”. There are great walks around here, a beautiful historic center, and the beautiful medieval streets. The core of the city’s medieval destinations this beautiful but you take 5 minutes walk in any direction and you will start to see the modern glass buildings, shopping centers and large streets. Moreover, Brasov has many foods from Romanian local cuisine to delicious international cuisine.

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