Tips to save money when traveling to Sorrento

Sorrento is a small city in southern Italy, Where it has the wonderful hills, deep valleys, and the beautiful mountains. Travel Sorrento you will find many small villages in the local, reputable hotels and camping. Sorrento make a good starting point for numerous excursions to the nearby cities and the surrounding islands.

The city of Sorrento promises to be an interesting tourist destination for visitors to tour. To help you travel convenient and perfect, Travel New will share for you the most common costs as to the Sorrento tips to help you save costs. Together we learn!

The common expenses you should know when to Sorrento
Price of accommodation: accommodation hostels cost about 20 EUR/night in when the private room price and about 60 EUR/night. You can rent the entire House from 50 EUR.
The cost of meals: with only 15 EUR you have to have a delicious meal at the Sorrento. Simple pizza will cost about EUR 9. In most restaurants, you will have to pay 3 EUR charge for seats. Many people will cook to save costs,
Moving expenses: in Sorrento you can walk to attractions. There are also public bus system running for about 20 minutes at a time. The price of a taxi here is quite expensive so it’s best to avoid them. For the connection between all the major cities on the Amalfi coast, Sorrento and Salerno, the bus routes run along the Amalfi coast is located between 1.40-15 EUR depending on the distance. Before boarding the bus, don’t forget to buy your ticket at any of the store “barato” or bars where you see a sign SITA.
Proposed budget: 50 EUR/60 USD (Note: this is the budget proposals for that you are in the dorms, cooking and use local transport)
Visiting Ischia: Ischia tour instead of Capri to save money and avoid crowded, or stay in one of the neighboring small village instead of in the center of Sorrento.
Eating pizza and paninis: You can find pizza and paninis at most restaurant with affordable rates than the main dishes. Most of the pizzas are priced about 10 EUR.
Drinking water: water requirement air otherwise you will automatically get the bottled water must have money in your Bill. You can reload the water bottle in any water softener would throughout Italy.
Free accommodation: accommodation is quite expensive in Italy, even in the dorms. Use accommodation free of charge to stay with local people, will have extra beds and couch free for you.
Things to know and do in Sorrento
To Capri: located right on the coast, the island of Capri is a great day trip that you should explore. On Capri, you will be able to find beautiful beaches, great seafood, small villages and some places can go hiking. Make sure you go to the famous Blue cave, a small cave where light switch water a neon blue.
Visit the Church: most of the Church was made of wood interior, the Church overlooking the town’s main street of Corso Italia. The Church is where the Torquato Tasso and bear it was built in the early 15th century. It has been restored many times and contains a great number of paintings of the Neapolitan School.
Visiting Covent di San Francesco: the complex is formed by three buildings-churches, monasteries and churches. It preserves important works, representing St. Francis, and many architectural styles are combined to form a special work. This is an ideal venue for exhibitions, festivals, concerts, and art events.
Go to the Cape of Sorrento: Here you can see the famous beaches and archaeological area of Villa Pollio Felice.
Explore Marina Puolo: picturesque coastal village has only about 150 people and the territory divided into Sorrento and Massa Lubrense. In addition there is Punta Campanella, a remarkable conservation of its biodiversity.
Walk in the Museo Correale: this is the main Museum in Sorrento. The collection here is very rich and includes the works of Japanese art, China, Neapolitan and 17-19-century Europe. There are also some old furniture, ceramics and watches on display along with Roman and Greek artifacts. Tickets are 7 EUR and is open daily (except Tuesday) from 9.30 1830.
Learn painting: Sorrento is known for the crafts burger, a term used to refer to objects that have been encrusted (such as pearls or other decorative materials) on wood. You can visit the Museo Bodega della Tarsia Lignea to learn about this art form. Tickets are 8 EUR, and is open daily from 10 am to 18:30.

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