Tips to save money when travelling to Ireland

Ireland has knowned by the name of charming “Emerald Island” because of rainfall prevents vegetation, rainforests lush development throughout the year. At the same time, the Lakes, the rivers, the Highlands and the coastal hills has natural beauty.
Tourism Ireland, you will have the opportunity to discover all the interesting and attractive thing of this country. To help you have real smooth trip, this time article Cricket free will share for the common expenses you know when to Ireland. Along the track to have yourself lots of experience!

The common expenses you should know when to Ireland
The cost of accommodation in Ireland: the price a night for dorm room here on average from 10-20 EUR. You can also search for her private room 2 beds prices only from 35 to 60 EUR. Motels often provide free bed linens, wifi and can be both the complimentary breakfast. In larger cities, especially Dublin, the price is a bit more expensive
Costs for food: fast food prices only from 4 EUR, however a simple meal at a restaurant cost up to from 9-14 EUR. With a more delicious meal with drink prices would be EUR 18. You can out more soon for lunch or dinner and will find many restaurants offering dishes where you can get good incentives.
Transportation: public transportation here is first class in Ireland. The bus trip around Dublin reviews only from 2 EUR for a single journey. The bus trip is longer, such as Dublin to Belfast would cost approximately EUR 17. Costs around 45-65 EUR to Cork from Dublin by train and takes about 2.5 hours. And about 35-55 EUR to Galway from Dublin by train and take about 3 hours.
The cost of the operation: most of the museums in the country are priced into the door about 9-14 EUR. Guinness brewery is one of the most expensive places with 21 EUR at the door.
Proposed budget: proposed budget is 40-60 EUR/$ 42-63 USD. This is the proposed budget when you in the residence, self-catering and using local transport. However, if you stay in hotels or dine more often then the budget will be higher.

Discount for students-If is a valid students will get you a discount up to 50% for many attractions, museums and buses across the country.
Reduce costs by avoiding State visited tourist resorts in peak hours and holidays.
If you can be flexible in your schedule, use the BlaBlaCar bus service and trip with local people between cities. When using this service, you will not only save on finance but also have the opportunity to meet interesting people and learn about the culture and local life.
Things to know and do in Ireland
Dublin city tour: most people who travel to Ireland are taking the time to visit Dublin City and enjoy the finest wines in the world. From architecture to music has led Dublin to become one of the most popular locations in Europe.
Stroll around Galway: famous horse racing Festival in July each year, Galway attracts tourists from all over the world. Galway city is the Center for students, writers and musicians.
Whale watching in Cork: Cork is a bustling city located on the South coast of Ireland. Originally a maritime Center. Cork is now an international university city full of cheap food and a lively nightlife. Surfing and whale watching are also popular here.
Walking in Connemara: this National Park is an area full of inspiration. Many people come here for hiking and cycling. Visit a few castles in the Park as well as the former mining area and the historic heritage centre.

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