Top 10 places to go when traveling to Germany

Not only is one of the first countries on the main economic and political stability, society, Germany, as a tourist destination in the world to choose from. Here are 10 extremely attractive tourist attractions not to be missed, would join explore and experience.

Involved as a witness of the second world war, the Division of East Germany and West Germany with the Berlin wall. In 1989, the Berlin wall no longer divided meaning 2 East and West Germany, but part of it was retained as a historical monument to remind humanity of the fierce and nonsense of war. Berlin always attractive with rich attractions, special events on culture, history and lively nightlife.
The city of Munich
Not only was associated with the origin of the world-famous Oktoberfest, Munich is also the home of many famous theaters, especially the German National Theatre . The city center is a mix between the classic structures and conditions of modern city center is a fascinating blend of classic and modern architecture, with historic churches, medieval walls and the Royal Palace as well as bustling shopping center and location for nightlife.
The Castle Neuschwanstein
The castle is the most photographed, Neuschwanstein is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Europe. Neuschwanstein was built in 1800 and is the inspiration of building up the castle in mythical fairy tale “sleeping forest” of Walt Disney.
The city of Heidelberg
With a long history from the middle ages, Heidelberg’s tourist attractions in Germany. The main city center streets Haupstrasse with so many museums, art galleries, pubs, restaurants, shops selling beer Steins, the cuckoo clock and German sausage.
Port Lübeck
The port is one of the largest Bantic of Germany, formed the year 1143 and experiencing the intense bombing of World War 2, but still retains the Lübeck the special architecture of the middle ages and becomes more attractive destinations to Germany. Visit the Cathedral, the Town Hall from the 12th century and old Holstentor gate … to learn more and feel about the long history of Lübeck.
The city of Dresden
Before being destroyed by the second world war, Dresden is known to be a city of luxury with the marvels of architecture and art. Today, Dresden has been restored to its former fame, now capital of Dresden in Saxony. Visit the Frauenkirche Church, this church is a special symbol of the capital city a childhood was dubbed the Florence of the Elbe River. And now it is also a symbol of peace, the reconciliation between peoples, of expectations and faith.
The city of Cologne
Located on the river Rhine, Cologne is a city that is known to most visitors, visit when travelling to Germany. Cologne with many attractions, vibrant nightlife, special events and cultural arts … Visit the city’s symbol, Cologne Cathedral, a magnificent Gothic architecture.
The Rhine Gorge
The area has extremely spectacular landscape, with many castles from the middle ages, but the picturesque wine-growing village. In the Rhine Gorge, there are very beautiful but quite dangerous, tourists are downright note with boating activities here.
Island of Rugen
Located in the Baltic Sea, the island of Rugen is the largest island in Germany, connected to the Mainland by bridges and a Causeway Rugen Rugen. Holiday villas Charming seaside romance with beautiful beaches such as drawing page, always fascinating tourists flock here. But the most attraction is probably the Jasmund National Park, with its unique limestone cliffs high on 160 m above sea level.The northernmost tip of East Germany, visit the old lighthouse, where surviving remnants of the Castle and take in the coastal fishing village.
The city of Leipzig
Is the largest city of the State of Saxony, Germany, Leipzig is known to be a city known for the art of music, with composers such as Bach, Richard Wagner and Felix Mendelssohn. Today’s visitors can enjoy musical performances of Bach at the Church of St. Thomas where Bach served as the leader of the chorus. Come here you should visit the historical Old Town Hall, the statue of Napoleon, the largest square in Europe Augustusplatz.

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