If you want to save money when traveling in Porto, read this article

Visit the Exchange Palace: the Palace construction beginning in 1842 and took three decades to complete. The Palace and its cathedral style neoclassical architecture style.
You will find a lot of things about Prince Henry the Navigator in Portugal. You can see the statue of Prince of Portugal in the years 1300 and 1400. Admission is 8 EUR and is open from 9 a.m. to 6:30 pm. Drinking wine at Vila Nova de Gaia: Porto is the House of wine, your trip to Porto will not perfect if you ignore this wine’s House. You can learn about the history of the house wine and its impact for the Wine Museum in the city.

Things to know and do in Porto
View the exhibits at Fundação Serralves: Here is the Museum of contemporary art. The Museum has no permanent collection, which is a number of art exhibits change throughout the year. The rest of the exhibition can be found in the Art Deco pink “Casa de Serralves”. The Museum is open daily except Monday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except on weekends when it closes at 7 pm. Admission fee is 10 EUR.
Cruise on the Douro River: boat trip up the River Douro, passing the city’s bridge from Porto to Regua. The 2-hour tours start from 35 EUR and is a relaxing way to see the city.
On here, is the common expenses you should know when to Porto in extreme owner good for your trip. Understanding how to move, hiring hotels, places of interest, when shopping … will get you a trip full of excitement and many memories.
Metro card: buy tickets cheaper days and buy subway tickets for a trip. You can also buy Viva recharge cards. The cost is 50 EUR and can be loaded with 5, 10 or 20 EUR. By using this card, you will receive a chargeback on all public transit fee should be sure to choose a metro card if you plan on using a lot of public facilities.
Free museum tours: most of the museums are free on Sundays.

Find alternative accommodation: because this is a popular tourist destination, many hotels have a significant price increase in the summer months. However, many people who rent apartments or small houses on Airbnb. This can be substantially cheaper, or at least will give you better value for your money.
Couchsurf: If you plan ahead, you can often find who organized the Couchsurfing really well throughout the country. In this way, you not only have the accommodation, which you also are local people tell you the best places to go and things to see.
Free walking tour: to get a feel for the city and learn some history of it, be sure to visit the free walking tour concert with Porto Walkers. This company offers two free tours every day starting at 10:45 and 3:30 from Praça da Liberdade. If you are a history buff, this trip is a must!
Tips to save you money in Porto
Francescinha food: The sandwich this Titans is a specialty of Porto and is a real bargain because it is priced about 7 EUR.
Avoid taxi: Taxi is super expensive in Portugal, often increase costs when luggage and Airport pick-up. Simply use the system bus or metro to go to the place you need.
The cost in the hotel: You can find a room in a 2-star hotel starts at about 32 EUR per night. The room has a double bed, a private bathroom, free Wifi and the hotels usually offer free breakfast. On Airbnb, a common room in Porto average around 17 EUR per night, while the entire home an average of 41 EUR/night.
The cost of food to eat: You can find snacks in the sandwich shop about 3 EUR. Light meals and sandwiches are usually about 7 EUR. Fast food (think McDonald’s) will cost about (6-7 EUR). If you want to sit down to eat meals with drinks, you will have to spend nearly 23 EUR or more for every meal. If you cook the meals, you will have to pay EUR 30-35 per week for groceries include pasta, vegetables, chicken meat and other basic foods. Prices tend to be higher in other cities so you should cook more and eat less here!
Shipping costs: travel ticket for the public transportation system of the Port cost from 1.20 EUR 5 to EUR, depending on the distance. You are allowed to put up to 10 trips on a single ticket on the subway. There is also the regional trip starting from 4.15 EUR for subways and buses. If you want to go to a different city in Portugal, you will have to pay from 20-40 EUR. Buses and trains to Spain (Madrid) will cost approximately EUR 40-50 each way.
Proposed budget: proposed budget range 40-45 EUR/41-47 USD. This is the proposed budget for that you are in the dorm, eat a little, most cooking their meals and use of local transport.

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